Our Goal

Our goal at Team Up is to engage individuals and/or organizations to volunteer and/or donate to specific community projects. Team Up will collaborate with individuals or organizations that have the same community-building objective. At Team Up, we mobilize many sectors in society – the public, nonprofits, small businesses and corporations– to work as partners in being a force to enhance communities and help them reach their highest potential based on their specific needs. Our partnerships will help us get to a place where we can make a greater impact in communities.

How it Started

Team Up is co-founded by five individuals with different backgrounds, but one main common interest, and that is to do good and give back to our communities across the world. We always enjoy talking about how we came together as a team because we believe that fate brought us together. Our current CEO (Emmanuel Omokaro) and CFO (Dima Kasaji) met in high school in 2005, while Emmanuel and our COO (Ramonita Garcia) met in college in 2009. The President of Business Development (Kamal Mohamed) and President of International Development (Adnan Samma) met in college as well in 2013. But it was not until 2017- when all met coincidentally as Dima, Emmanuel and Ramonita, were working together to build a primary school in Senegal, while Kamal and Adnan were also fundraising to help their friends to build a primary school under the same organization named buildOn. 

When each of us faced what felt like a dead-end road in our fundraising efforts, we reached out and decided to join forces and work as a team for the same cause. This is when we realized the power of collaborative effort. We worked so well together and were able to build a primary school in Senegal, Africa. We quickly realized that this was the fuel to the fire we had in us to keep going and keep chasing our dream of making the world a better place, something we all are passionate about. At this point – we became a family. In the following couple of years, we worked together to build a primary school in Guatemala, build water pumps in Chad and build a basketball court in Danbury, Connecticut. It was clear how much we enjoy creating social impact and utilizing our different skill sets and collaborative efforts to reach our goals. So – we decided to commit to being part of the change we want to see in this world and established the Team Up organization.

About Team Up

Our Vision

Is to see people working together to make our world a better place.

Our Mission

Is to provide a platform that connects people by empowering them to create a difference in the world.

Our Core Value

Is TEAMWORK: We achieve more when we collaborate and work together.

Our purpose

Is to connect with individuals and/or organizations to service community needs.