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Team Up is a custom nonprofit that empowers social activists to create their own charitable campaign globally.

We aim to support both large and small charitable campaigns whether it’s in your community or across the world.

Active Campaigns

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$500.00 Raised 2.50%
$20,000.00 Goal
Danbury, United States (US)

Help Build Water Pumps in Chad!

Help Water4Chad provide access to clean water for communities in Chad.

$11,119.50 Raised 55.60%
$20,000.00 Goal
N'Djamena, Chad

Help Build Water Towers in Chad

Help Water4Chad build water towers in remote villages.

$24,000.00 Raised 100.00%
$24,000.00 Goal
N'Djamena, Chad

Empowering Communities Together

Our Vision is to see people working together to make our world a better place.

Our Mission is to provide a platform that connects people by empowering them to create a difference in the world.

Our Core Value is TEAMWORK: We achieve more when we collaborate and work together. 

Our Purpose is to connect with individuals and/or organizations to service community needs. 

Who We Are

Team Up is a custom nonprofit that allows you to create your own charitable campaign.
At Team up, we truly believe that everyone is capable of giving back to the world.

Emmanuel Omokaro, CEO

You can help us to create a better world.

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Previous Teamwork

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Conakry Basketball Court Built

Team Up partnered with the Women and Kids Empowerment (WAKE) organization to build a basketball court in Guinea. This court will play a significant role in encouraging young girls to attend school, achieve academic success, build community, and enhance their leadership skills.

TEAMed Up with W.A.K.E

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Senegal School Build

A group of nine individuals TEAMed UP to raise over $41,000 to build a primary school in Senegal. After successful fundraising the team traveled to Senegal and TEAMed UP with the village people to help build the school.

TEAMed Up with buildOn

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Build Water Pumps in Chad

Adnan Samma had the brilliant idea of creating a team to raise money to build water pumps in N’Djamena, Chad. Within six months of the inception of this idea the team met its goal of raising $15,000 and traveled to Chad where they collaborated with locals to build 10 water pumps.  

TEAMed Up with Water4Chad

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Court Build in Danbury, CT

Emmanuel Omokaro was inspired to raise money to build a basketball court in Danbury, Connecticut in honor of his late friend Joe Neumuller. He also wanted to provide a safe space for youth to play. Emmanuel was able to TEAM UP with local companies to build this court in a little over a year. 

TEAMed Up with St. Gregory the Great School

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Guatemala School Build

After successfully building the school in Senegal, the team was able to inspire friends and family to join them in raising another $45,000 to build a school in Guatemala. The team of 17 traveled to Guatemala for a week to help build the foundation of the school.

TEAMed Up with buildOn

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